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modified: 03.08.07

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Access or subscribe to SGBC's RSS Feeds, delivering you updated contents from our site automatically, to your desktop or even portable mp3 player.

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Is the [Sr.] Sto. Niño biblical? | 5:14 PM 5/26/05
One prominent feature of a religion in the Philippines is the veneration of the [Sr.] Sto. Niño. Although many are questioning its practice, different people use different arguments to justify it.
On the twin tower tragedy | 8:11 AM 9/10/05
Amidst much sorrow, anger, and fear, the tragic event that hit america raises many questions that demand answers: "where was god when it happened?", "why did he not do anything to stop it?", "did god allow it to happen in order to humble american pride and arrogance?"




Podcasting is the process of having an audio show of some sort available in MP3 format via syndicated RSS (2.0) feed. Podcasts are designed to include music, recorded sermons or any audio content.

To start using this feature, you need a podcasting software called an RSS Agregator. Simply enter the code ( ) into your reader, and everytime a change or update occurs in our site it automatically updates its own.

You can download some free versions currently available:

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